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behind without joining the battle 7011 left our army either
to win the victory or be destroyed in the attempt. Well, what
has been ordained by God will come to pass. We have
resolved siucerely to wage war and win victory."* On hearing
these words, their elders said, in reply. " If the whole army
speaks as you do, then you will win (victory) in course of
time." They replied that they had faith in their army that
they would fight fiercely.
At the same time, All! Yadula Saha, having performed his
third namaz at the llth tasirf offered a silent prayer to his
God. " 0 I God, fulfil the desire of my heart; let the business
which I have thought of in my mind succeed. Maintain the
honour of our Mussalman kings." Having prayed in this
manner, he made his troops ready for battle and began to
attack the army of Rajabhuvara. As Rajabhuvara's army was
off its guard, it was completely destroyed; and (the camp of)
the soldiers and the non-combatants were thoroughly looted.
(Rajabhuvara was taken prisoner.)^ Then, he addressed
(the following words of reproach) to All! Yadula Łaha:—
" It is not proper that you, who had been styling yourself
my son. should behave in this manner.§ You are a virtuous
* The message to All Xdil Shah in /. O. Jf. (p. 207) runs thus :—
'* You have hitherto given no assistance in this war and we conclude that you have
all thh time kept at a distance to amuse the enemy, while you look on and behold the
de: truction of our armies; be it so, may God grant you his blessing, but we shall yet
attempt with courageous hearts to conquer the foe trusting in the assurance? and the
hearty support of all our officers/1
t TSsij according to Kittel, means an hour.—/. O. M.t p. 207 has, * 3 at noon/
J This   sentence   is   inserted   in   tht   s-peech   of   RajabuVara;   and it is plactd
immediately after the first sentence.
§ "You have been hitherto considered and called my J0»; is it then honourable
to deceive me at last? It is said you are a charitable and religious holy man. Does thii
become that reputation? Doth a truly great man deceive the father who had adopted
aacl reared Mm? Is it thus you shall obtain reputation and fame in the world? AJS for
me what remains to be done, now that my subjects and array have fallen by treachery ? I
bad trusted in you as in my child who would never deceive me; but though you have
rewarded my fciudness with ingratitude yet a* my son I ask of you thi* favour that you cut
off my head instantly with my own sword an«l not permit my enemies to have that
pleasure ; so may you enjoy U«ting prosperity and your race so desc*ttd in the world from
ton to *ica for ever."
"Tho-e wfco abandon their father, their mother, their priest an 1 their God, are they
tob* rewarded in the next birth with Power, with Honours and with empire ? By faith and
deeds not less in merit, of many states yon now muy form one empire—and now you have
obtained the objects and advantage you wished—to aay more were needless for me—the
period of «te*th so nearly approaches."—-7. O. Af., pp. 207—8.